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Flower Girls in Beautiful Dresses: The Perfect Wedding Day Detail

No matter how perfect the bride, how handsome the groom, how romantic the vows or how passionate that first husband and wife kiss may be, there is only one way to ensure the hearts of your wedding guests soften and melt just a little bit more at the onset of your wedding ceremony.

Flower Girls.

There is something so innocent, beautiful, and angelic about the tradition of the flower girl. First appearing in wedding processions in Ancient Rome, the flower girl was said to carry with her a basket of wheat and herbs to ensure blessings of prosperity and fertility. In the medieval times era, flower girls carried garlic to ward off evil spirits from ruining a new, happy, marriage. It wasn’t until the Victorian era that flower girls actually began carrying flowers as they sweetly made their way down aisles across the world, carrying a floral hope to signify that true love has no end.

While the latter theory has yet to be proved, one thing is for certain: Dresses for flower girls have evolved as well as the custom, providing the many ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ you may hear as these lovely little ladies precede the bride’s walk down the aisle.

Recently, Bocelli Boutique had the pleasure of providing one of the most gorgeous and intricate flower girl dresses at a wedding in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. At the Church of St. Anthony of Padua, three of the couples’ nieces held the honor of and coveted title of ‘flower girls’ to help bring an extra touch of love to the nuptials. As they gently tossed beautiful petals by wedding florist, Petals with Style, it was their flower girl style that dropped the jaws of the crowd, though their cuteness definitely had something to do with that as well!

With a celebration to follow at The Farm at Eagles Ridge, which perfectly captured the relaxed-yet-sophisticated personalities of bride Fran and groom Matt, no detail went unplanned or unperfected - Including the bride’s request to have her three gorgeous flower girls in dresses that matched her wedding’s theme and colors (even down to the cake!), rather than in dresses that matched each other. More and more brides these days are requesting dresses to reflect a certain look rather than to fall in line with the rest of the bridal party, “and the results are stunning,” says Bocelli Boutique owners, Danielle, Michelle & Agatha.

And they should know – Bocelli Boutique has been the go-to children’s clothing boutique for special occasions of any kind. From the gorgeous flower girl dresses pictured here, to communion, baptism, first birthday dresses and more – your special occasion is their specialty.

Love the way these gorgeous photos captured the beauty and happiness of such a special day? Check out photographer Jeff Benzon’s page to learn more!

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