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The Lost Art of Handmade Dresses

At Bocelli Boutique, there is no art form more dear to our hearts than that of handmade, quality garments – because as we have to accept, the lost art of handmade dresses is dying more quickly than you can say ‘department store’.

Great news, though for all of your handmade fashion lovers! Bocelli Boutique is here to keep this incredible art form alive by offering the best in handmade children’s clothing for special occasions. We are so passionate and dedicated to the quality of children’s dresses that we provide to our customers, that we’ve searched high and low for the best the world had to offer – and found our answer on the other side of the pond.

That’s right – we found the answers to our questions and fulfilled our desire for the best in handmade children’s garments in London. Take one look at any of these handmade treasures and you are sure to fall in love with the intricate details. The kind of detail that will have you wondering “How did someone create all of this beauty on a piece so delicate?”

The truth is, the pieces that these occasions are bought for, christenings, communions, wedding and more, all deserve the luxury and quality that handmade designs provide. These are once-in-a-lifetime events where your little one has the opportunity to shine in all of her innocent beauty and splendor – and doesn’t your precious babe deserve the best that the design world has to offer?

From dresses, to shoes, bonnets, and more – Bocelli Boutique makes your special occasion our specialty!

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Check out some of our favorite picks for handmade perfection!

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