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How to Keep the Children in Your Wedding Party Entertained for Hours!

Inviting children to be a part of your wedding not only ups the cute factor, it brings a touch of innocence and simple beauty to your wedding party. But the truth is, if you’ve ever planned a wedding with a guest list of little ones, you’ve spent a fair amount of time stressing over how to keep children entertained at your wedding.

Because, let’s face it, until that cake is ready to be cut and there are sweets on the table, your wedding isn’t exactly a child’s idea of a good time.

Not to worry though!

At Bocelli Boutique, we not only offer the best in children’s special occasion attire, we’ve covered all the bases and thought a few steps ahead. By providing some fun and engaging toys to keep the littlest of party-goer’s happy until the last dance of the night, we’ve not only solidified our business as being the best boutique for children’s party attire, we are now a one-stop-shop for fun, as well!

Our choice for fun? Well, Melissa & Doug toys, of course!

Now available on our site is a wide range of Melissa & Doug toys, favors, and gifts designed to bring endless excitement for the children at your special event. Melissa & Doug have not only been leaders in the children’s toy business for decades, they have shared our vision of providing the best and most creative products for children.

Before we give you the lowdown on the best goods to keep the kids at your wedding entertained for hours, here’s a little expert tip from the smart, savvy women behind Bocelli Boutique:

Set up a special area for the children at your event. Designate a table for “kids only,” and have this are decorated with all of the toys you plan on providing for their entertainment. Not only will the children enjoy having a place all their own to hang out (yay, no parents!), but they’ll be able to get their hands into all of these Melissa & Doug goodies.”

Here are Bocelli Boutique’s TOP 4 Picks for Children’s Wedding Entertainment

Dress-Up Lacing Bear

Trust us, there are hours of fun to tie up your little one’s imagination here!

Button-Up Bear

Now that your little guests are all dressed up in their party clothes, they can help Button-Up Bear get dressed up in his!

Habitats Reusable Sticker Pad

You may soon be headed on a honeymoon, but your little wedding guests can partake in some adventure as well with this incredible sticker kit.

Jewelry & Nails Glitter Stickers

It can be a long day waiting around for all of the ladies in your wedding party to get glamorous for the big event. Treat your flower girls to their own glam-session of their own with these jewelry and nails glitter stickers.

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