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Because Tears and Flower Girl Dresses Just Don't Match

Imagine getting all dressed up for a big event, where you’ll likely be photographed and moving about on the dance floor. Imagine you’re doing all this in a dress that is too restrictive, a little itchy, and with shoes that don’t quite fit.

Now imagine you’re a child, dealing with all of these nuisances. Party’s over!

Any woman who is planning a wedding or who has planned a wedding with a bridal party knows just how intense the need for everyone involved to look a particular way. Picking out flower girl dresses becomes more about matching your theme and fitting a certain “look” than it does about the comfort level of the child wearing the dress.

I know what you’re thinking – but my flower girl dresses MUST look perfect! Well, I ask you to think back to the child with the too-itchy dress in shoes that she is not comfortable walking in.

Now think about all of the ways this can ruin your day. A meltdown before a walk down the aisle, a refusal to put on shoes, a lot of tears in the background of your wedding video - whatever it is, I can assure you it won’t be pretty.

At Bocelli Boutique, we know just how important it is for the flower girls in your wedding to not only look beautiful and fit your wedding color-scheme or theme, but to also feel as comfortable as if they were heading out to play in the park. Comfort is key to mastering a look, and an uncomfortable child just won’t carry the dress the same way it’s intended to look. Bocelli boutique offers flower girl gowns and dresses that are easy to put on, take off, and wear for long hours.

The same goes for flower girl shoes. “Before you decide which shoes you’d like for your flower

girls to wear, consider their age and walking experience. If they are toddlers and have only recently begun walking, a soft-soled shoe is best,” advises Bocelli Boutique owners.

With a full range of comfortable yet glamorous looks to choose from, be sure to dress your tiny wedding attendees in only the finest from Bocelli Boutique.

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