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The One Wedding Planning Tip You Won't Want to Skip

When planning a wedding, it may feel like you’re overwhelmed with things to do. From picking a dress, to securing a venue, to linens, hair, and makeup – the beauty is in the details, and it’s those little things that come together make for a big, beautiful wedding day.

We’re sorry to add more to your wedding to-do list, but trust me, this is one you won’t want to overlook.

Preparing your flower girls for the big day!

For so many guests in your bridal party, it’s likely that your wedding isn’t their first rodeo. They know what to expect – and if you’re lucky, they know how to behave! But the same cannot be expected of your flower girls. Your smallest and sweetest wedding party guests need a little extra TLC and practice before heading down the aisle on your big day.

As the experts in flower girl dresses and accessories, Bocelli Boutique has learned a thing or two about getting your flower girls prepared to perform when it’s show time.

Here are Bocelli Boutique’s TOP 3 To-Do’s for preparing your flower girls for your wedding day:

3. Rehearse before the rehearsal.

Though your wedding rehearsal is likely going to be a fun, relaxed, atmosphere for a wedding day run-through, it can still be very intimidating for your flower girl crew. To little eyes, they will still be surrounded by lots of big people, with an audience that may make it hard to listen to directions. Give them a rehearsal before the rehearsal! Allow the bride-to-be, a few select family members, and the flower girls themselves to run through the “rules” and proper wedding day protocol.

2. Plan a special “trip” to introduce your flower girls to the wedding venue.

Whether you’re getting married in a church, temple, backyard, beach, or ballroom, these locations could be totally new for the little ladies in your bridal party. Plan a special day to take your flower girls to see where the action will be taking place – allow them to get familiar with the layout, point out where mommy and daddy will be waiting for them, and of course – let them know where the restrooms are. Nothing kills a wedding vibe faster than a flower girl shouting, “But where’s the bathroom?!?!” at the top of her lungs.

1. Assign a flower girl handler.

Someone to make sure the girls have what they need. Someone in charge of fluffing their dresses, fixing their hair, and reminding them of the rules. Someone the girls can count on in the midst of wedding day craziness. Just make sure not to call this person a “babysitter,” – it’ll ruin the glamour!

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