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Mothers and Daughters - The Bond that Keeps On Giving

The best example for life a girl can have is her mommy. Girls learn from all that we are, all that we do, and how we treat the world around us. Even when it comes to accessories, clothes, and makeup!

It seems to me, that from the moment any mommy finds out that she’s expecting a girl, it’s as if her brain automatically begins planning for life with a daughter. At least that’s how it felt for me. As soon as the doctor shared the news of which chromosomes had paired up in my tummy, I hit the ground running – shopping for gorgeous baby girl clothes, imagining dates at the nail salon, and hoping and praying she’ll be into ballet.

A year and a half later, the prospect of ballet shoes and tutus is not turning out as I planned (she’s more of a soccer girl), but there is no doubt that I am raising this girl to be just like me (the good parts, at least!).

By allowing my girl to be a part of all that I do, whether it’s daytime errands, household chores, or visits with friends – I have noticed my daughter picking up the mannerisms and kindness that are a part of the fabric of my soul. She smiles and says hello to each person she sees. I did not teach her this, but it’s a quality of mine that she has adopted in her own charming way. She says “thank you,” for everything. Also, unprompted, and completely through careful observation of her Mommy’s interaction with others. And the cutest example of our mother/daughter bond? Her desire to look like me, too!

And this is the part that has me swooning like crazy.

So quicker than you can say “twinsies,” my daughter and I have started dressing alike. Nothing is cuter than the moment she notices that her shoes, dress, or bracelet looks just like Mommy’s. I never thought I’d be that mom, but it’s official – we’ve started twinning, and lucky for me, Bocelli Boutique has all the right goods to keep this mother/daughter duo in style and looking our best.

Here are my top picks for the perfect gifts mother and daughter:

Mommy-and-Me Heart Bracelet Set

Freshwater pearls and a delicate silver heart make for a sweet touch of elegance and feminism for any mother and daughter pair.

Key to My Heart Bracelet Set

Let her know she holds the key to your heart with a simple and classic lock and key bracelet set, complete with freshwater pearls and silver lock and key charms.

Grandmas are a Girl’s Best Friend Set

Because the grandma in your life makes life so much sweeter. Treat her to this beautiful keepsake set – gorgeous, heartwarming and adjustable!

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