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It's Wedding Season and We're Crushing on THESE Celeb Wedding Looks

For quite some time now, we have been a society that watches in awe as the celebrities we love most, couple-up and head down the aisle. We wait with little patience as these new celebrity couples release wedding pictures on the internet, and then spend endless time swooning every last wedding day detail.

And then, our parade is promptly rained on, and we’re snapped back to reality quicker than one of these celebrity couple’s break up statements.

The truth? The outcome of these celebrity marriages have absolutely zero impact on our obsession with the female celebrity bridal details. From what she wore, to how she accessorized it, and the color of the flowers she chose – any woman who has ever found herself in a wedding planning phase of life has honed in on a favorite celebrity bride, and plotted each personal detail around hers.

And in the interest of honesty, the women behind Bocelli Boutique have spent their fair share of time, as leaders in the special event clothing business, becoming more and more inspired with each celebrity wedding that graces the covers of People Magazine. And who can blame them? The sheer opulence, extraordinary extravagance, and over-the-top beauty of it all is too hard to pass up, and fantasizing about which celebrity bride to emulate isn’t a crime, last that I checked. After all, they can’t keep bringing the most beautiful flower girl styles without doing the proper research!

So who are the Bocelli Boutique babe’s favorites for bridal style inspiration?

Princess Kate

I’m sure they’re not alone here. A winner in the “most perfect and elegant bride” category, Princess Kate looked as natural as she did glamorous, and as royal as she did “girl next door.”

Kate Moss

Not only did this global supermodel look diving in her blush-colored wedding dress, her flower girls were angelic and exuded a look that mimicked Moss’ style.

Kelly Clarkson

Staying true to her fun-loving spirit and personality, Kelly Clarkson turned up the smiles and wowed in a delicate lace wedding gown. And her pick for beautiful wedding flowers? Perfection.

Molly Sims

Looking as statuesque and radiant as ever, Sims married her beloved with a chic high bun and crystal-adorned hair piece.

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Written by Michelle Dempsey, LLC

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