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The REAL Difference Between Flower Girls and Junior Bridesmaids

Some wedding planning decisions can be really simple. Others can be a bit confusing and cause quite a bit of debate when trying to organize the perfect bridal party setup.

One topic that tends to have brides-to-be scratching their heads?

The difference between flower girls and junior bridesmaids.

As leaders in the world of children’s special occasion clothing, we are often asked, what is the difference between a flower girl and a junior bridesmaid?

Hint: It’s not just the flower petals!

The difference between flower girls and junior bridesmaids is really in their age and maturity level. Flower girls typically range in age from birth on up to age seven, with flower petal throwing abilities setting in around age four. Though babies younger than age four tend to become overwhelmed with the responsibility of setting off down an aisle with a basket of gorgeous flower petals in plain view of hundreds of people, many brides choose to include the younger babes in their family as flower girls to give a hint of sweetness to their wedding ceremonies.

After the age of seven, little girls tend to admire the bridesmaid crew more than their younger counterparts, and finally graduate to junior bridesmaid level. They can sometimes feel like it’s a baby’s job to be a flower girl, which is exactly why this special bridal party role was created just for them! Junior bridesmaids then have the opportunity to wear a dress that resembles that of the bridesmaid look, making them feel as special and glamorous as the bride herself. At this age, it is not uncommon to include junior bridesmaids in some of your wedding planning and really make them feel as if they are a part of your grownup-gal bridal party.

One helpful tip to make sure your flower girl doesn’t feel left out of the grownup action, and to keep your junior bridesmaid feeling helpful and needed on your special day? Ask a junior bridesmaid to be in charge of the flower girl group – helping them get ready while the ladies in the bridal party get glammed up with hair and makeup, showing them how to throw their flower petals, and keeping them calm when it’s showtime. This will not only save a lot of stress for the parents of the young girls in the bridal party, but will ease the bride’s concerns as well.

Whether you have a few pretty flower girls making their way down your aisle or a junior bridesmaid or two joining your bridal party crew, consider yourself lucky. A bride always finds her calm in those preceding her much-anticipated walk down the aisle, and when you have little ladies rounding out your beloved bridal party group, you can say you’ve hit the jackpot – even before you say “I do!”

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