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Four Ways to Use Your Special Event Photos

So often, Bocelli Boutique clients thank them for how beautiful their children looked in the outfits they purchased from their large selection of children’s special event clothing. They often follow that statement of gratitude with, “the pictures from our party are so beautiful, it’s a shame that they’ll sit in an album forever”.

As parents themselves, the owners of Bocelli Boutique began wondering how they, too, could make the family photos from special events come to life in a better, more memorable way.

I mean, think about it. You spend an unexpected amount of money planning your wedding, getting ready for your child’s baptism, christening, or communion. You put together the best in floral displays. You find the best photographer in your area to photograph all of the most special moments and details of your special event. The party is over, the proofs come in, and you feel grateful to have images that showcase the feelings of happiness and pride from that special day. Six months later, your special event album is being used as a coaster on your living room coffee table and you can’t help but wonder if you threw all your money down the drain.

Sound familiar? Not to worry. The brilliant Bocelli Boutique gals have put together a list of ways to use your special event photos, that will keep your memories front and center for years to come.

1. Turn your photos into gifts.

Parents and grandparents especially love receiving photo gifts. On any major photo printing website, you can find a slew of options for how to turn your photos into gifts. Printing a photo onto a mug, keychain, mouse pad or even creating a photo calendar for a loved one is a great way to share the beauty, AND keep your little one’s special day more than a memory in an album.

2. Create a keepsake box.

Keepsake boxes have become all the rage for anyone looking to hold on to precious memories for years to come following their special day. Everyone from brides to parents of children celebrating a baptism have used these boxes to pin up favorite photos, hang on to a speech or two, and save the monogrammed napkins they spent so much money for. These will not only provide a place to safely showcase your memories, they will be sentimental and meaningful for your child, always.

3. Thank You Cards.

As laborious as they are to write, they are so cute to send out or receive when they are custom made with a special photo from your big day. Picking a photo that captures a truly memorable part of the event you are thanking your guests for coming to is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face (and much less likely to end up in the trash).

4. Social Media!

Very often, I worry about the day that my cell phone gives up on me and I lose all of the amazing pictures from my daughter’s birth, her first birthday, and her monthly milestones. I am quickly set at ease by the fact that I utilized Facebook as a way to store all of my memories (and share them with friends). Create albums on your social media platforms to not only show off those gorgeous photos with your attendees and friends far away, but to know they are safely tucked away somewhere for a long time to come.

For more special event ideas, or to check out the best in special event clothing for children, visit us on the web!





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