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Allowing Your Child to Develop Their Own Sense of Style: Yay or Nay?

There is nothing like the nostalgia that your own childhood photo albums can bring. Like a personal trip down memory lane, cuddling up with one of these cherished albums can provide endless smiles and memories…

…And of course, questions of “What was I thinking?!” when it comes to your past sense of style.

For me, personally, looking through my childhood photo albums comes with the agony of reliving the horrible outfits I once wore. These outfits, mismatched and loud, the ones I thought were so fabulous, were the result of my mother letting me dress myself – ever supportive of my quest to be an individual.

I’d spend hours on my bedroom floor with a hot glue gun and a pile of patches, pearls, and puff paint. I’d have fashion shows for my dolls and teddy bears. I’d go to school thinking I was the coolest there ever was – all because I was encouraged to develop my own sense of personal style. It was the 80’s, and there was literally nothing that couldn’t be passed off as “rad”.

Now that I’m a mom, a mom who will always feel the pangs of embarrassment when I look back on my childhood style, I fully understand why I was given this outrageous freedom.

And I fully endorse allowing children of any age to being developing their own personal style, whether it’s clear that one day they’ll look back in horror, or not.

From a very early age, children begin figuring out their likes and dislikes. They start forming opinions, wants, needs, and feel the call to their own individuality before they can even pronounce the word. I see it in my daughter already, and she is not even two years old. She insists on wearing necklaces as headbands, loves bracelets and shoes, and proudly pulls out shirts from her drawer, by herself, when I tell her it’s time to get dressed. I could stop her from this over-accessorized madness, or I can embrace her need to express herself. And in embracing my daughter’s call to personal style, I am allowing her to safely explore, and control, a teeny-tiny portion of her own life.

Because if you think about it, young children have a really limited sense of freedom. Their parents or caretakers are making every decision for them, from their daily schedules to what’s for dinner. Their playdates are made for them, as are their weekend plans and television choices. If you look closely, the personalities of children are almost always reflected in the clothes that they wear – and to me, it would seem stifling to tell my child it wasn’t okay to dress the way she felt. Unless I see a midriff- then all bets are off!

The owners of Bocelli Boutique have been celebrating children’s individual style both personally and professionally for years.

“I have 24 nieces and nephews, and four children of my own, each with their own unique sense of style,” owner Danielle Caiazzo says.

I guess that’s exactly why Bocelli Boutique offers such a wide range of looks, styles, and brands.

“We want to celebrate your child’s personal style, not change it!”

For a glimpse into the endless style options Bocelli Boutique provides, visit them on the web or follow them on social media!





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