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What is the Difference Between a Christening and Baptism? The History Behind a Frequently Asked Ques

Your little bundle of joy that you have been waiting nine months to meet has finally arrived! All of your family and friends are with you to welcome your baby into the wonderful life you have created. You have spent countless hours and put in an extraordinary amount of thought into planning your baby’s arrival, and now with this new life, comes many special events where you will want to dress your baby boy or girl in striking new outfits.

This is why we at Bocelli Boutique fit perfectly into your new life, and it is our pleasure to invite you to shop for high quality children’s clothing without any stress.

One of the first major events in your baby’s life will be their Baptism or Christening. So while you are getting ready for one of these momentous occasions, Bocelli Boutique has a wonderful variety of beautiful ensembles that will make the special day even more memorable.

Although the words “Baptism” and “Christening” may seem like they describe the same joyful event, they are actually quite different.

A Baptism is one of the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church, while a Christening is a naming ceremony. The baby’s name is also used during a Baptism, but it’s more of a celebration of a personal relationship with Jesus and his Church is being established. Another difference is that a Christening is traditionally performed on babies, while a Baptism in some religions doesn’t necessarily have to be done while the child is still in infancy, and can be performed at any age.

Now, back to our beautiful clothes.

All of our clothes are made from the finest fabrics, elevating our clothing to another level of exquisite quality that you won’t find anywhere else. We have such a variety of clothes for boys and girls that your search for your baby’s perfect special event attire ends with our truly unique, family-owned, Bocelli Boutique.

Our children’s clothing for baptisms are handmade here in the USA and across the pond in England. Our items from the United Kingdom are not available anywhere else in the States, making these pieces even more remarkable. Our children’s clothing for christenings are made from 100% silk. And our special event clothing for children boasts handmade lace and pearl-studded outfits that will not soon be forgotten.

As you your baby grows, special occasions will continue to come up and here at Bocelli Boutique we make it our mission to assist you with all of your child’s garment needs.

Stay tuned for all of our selections that will bring cheer and merriment during the upcoming holiday season!

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