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The Secret Ingredient to Running a Successful Family Business? Sisters!

Ask anyone their thoughts on running a family business and you’re likely to get a wide variety of answers. But for the owners of the seriously chic online children’s clothing outfitter, Bocelli Boutique, you’re sure to get a triple dose of happiness when it comes to the whole ‘family business’ topic.

That’s because sisters Danielle and Michelle, along with mom Agatha, are involved in the business of dressing children in the finest of clothing together, as a team – just like how they were raised.

Here’s the thing – there is something so powerful about the bond between two sisters, that no matter where you apply that bond, magic is going to happen.

When Danielle and Michelle decided they were going to transfer their love of gorgeous special event clothing for children into a business, they knew they’d find so much more success in doing it together. They had grown up in a family that loved to create, especially clothing.

“The business came from a love and sort of fascination that my sister and I had from the unbelievable creativity that my grandmother and mother possess.” Danielle Caiazzo says.

“When we were children we watched my grandmother crochet delicate baby ensembles from a simple ball of yarn. We watched my mother hand craft amazing heirloom dresses and Halloween costumes for us and later our children. One year my mom made me a Native American Halloween costume from a sheet and beads! She spent weeks hand-beading it and it turned out amazing.”

And the inspiration didn’t just start there. Like many families, this one definitely had a creative streak that was deeply rooted in the family genetics.

My mother was inspired by many years spent in my Grandmother’s bridal shop on Myrtle Ave in Queens, NY, and my uncle & grandfathers dress factory on Meacham Ave. in Elmont, NY.”

So in case you had any doubt whether this family business had the skills to back up their passion for providing the best children’s clothing around – I think I just covered that for you.

And they’re not just passionate about selling you the most luxurious upscale children’s special clothing they’ve got in stock, they want to help you dress your child with ease and confidence.

With a wide range of sizes, styles, and accessories to accompany their clothing options, you’re sure to find what you need for your child to look and feel their best – with great help from the family, of course!

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