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Wondering When to Purchase Those Special Occasion Dresses? Look No Further!

Cooler weather, parties, yummy food, fun decorations, presents and quality time with family and friends really make the holidays the best time of the year. It would be difficult to top all the wonderful things that the holidays bring, but getting engaged is definitely a way to take your holidays from great to outstanding…and incredibly memorable.

The joyous Christmas spirit is all around during the holidays, and so getting engaged with your family and friends by your side is a perfect way to elevate the holiday cheer to the next level. Having all of your most important people around you to celebrate one of life’s unforgettable moments is something that is truly magical.

Once the excitement of the engagement settles down, we here at Bocelli Boutique are ready to help you with the next steps in your wedding planning process.

Deciding who will be in your wedding party is an important step, but choosing your flower girl or girls is just as essential. Once you have accomplished this, you will need to start thinking of dresses for the girls, as timing is key. You may want to start crossing items off your to-do list, but ordering a dress too early for a growing child may cost you more time, money and stress in the long run if the girl grows out of it before your big day. On the other side, if you wait too long, certain styles may be out of stock or you may not have enough time for necessary alterations.

If you decide to purchase a dress at Bocelli Boutique’s online store then we suggest a time frame between 5-8 weeks before the wedding day. This will give you time to receive the dress, confirm that it is what you envisioned and make sure it fits the little lady.

If you decide to purchase a dress at an actual store, 8-10 weeks is a good time frame. Stores usually have a more limited selection than online. You may find a style you like but not the correct size so you will need to give yourself time to special order it from the store.

At Bocelli Boutique your special day is our specialty. We are a family-owned boutique, and we are experts in helping you choose the best dress for your flower girl to ensure she looks beautiful on your wedding day.

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